• I acknowledge with sincere thanks, the contribution made to this genealogical study of the Rowlands Family, made possible by extracts from the following websites and books, as at the date below.

    • Dilma Tea’s - History of Ceylon Tea:- Various Ferguson’s Directories, Photo Albums, Mercantile Lore by Sir Thomas Villiers, Important Events in Ceylon History 1796 – 1929, etc.
    • Under a Tropical Sun-Lachlan Macquarie and the 73rd Regiment in Sri Lanka 1796-1821:- Lachlan Macquarie’s Journal 1796
    • Victor Melder Sri Lanka Library – Picture Library
    • The Portuguese in Ceylon by Marco Ramerini
    • History of the Dutch in Ceylon by Marco Ramerini
    • The English in Ceylon
    Malays in Sri Lanka by B.A.Hussainmiya, Ph.D
    Kandian Wars
    • The British Replace the Dutch
    • Days of Old – (By an Old Planter)
    Chapter 1 – My First Trip to the Jungle.
    • The 1818 Rebellion and the Execution of Keppetipola Dissawe
    by M.D.(Tony) Saldin
    • The Rifle and Hound in Ceylon by Samuel White Baker
    • Dr Alice de Boer and some pioneer Burgher women doctors by Deloraine Brohier
  • Padre Rowlands of Ceylon by R.P.Butterfield M.A.,B.A.
  • On the Trail of a Legend by Udena.R.Attygalle
  • 75 Years at Mount by N.M.P.Billimoria
  • Freemason Lodges of Ceylon. and
  • The De Soysa Charitaya (Saga) Edited by V.S.M De Mel